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Space Mission

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Also due to lack of internal space nor they had had as to use space suits, what it increased the risks during the flight (SPACEFACTS, 2010). The mission, however, was divulged as having been completed with spectacular success (WHITE, 2003). As it is evident that it would have great problems in placing three men in that vehicle, the second Voskhod mission took only two cosmonauts. One of them, Aleksey Leonov, became the first human being to float in the space is of the ship. During 12 minutes it remained in the vacuum and when trying to return for the interior of the ship evidenced that the pressure in the interior of the suit was so great that Leonov badly obtained to move itself. As it did not obtain to come back toward the interior of the ship had to diminish the chamber pressure of the suit by means of a valve. In the return to the Land the ship presented problems in its system of orientation and finished total settling is of the target, in way to Urais mounts, at night.

The Voskhod with the cosmonauts on board was only located in the following morning. But these problems had been years are of the public knowledge, as state secrets. The problems faced for the crew of the Voskhod-2 had been considered so serious that the following missions of the series had been postponed by indeterminate time (later these missions definitively would be cancelled) until the ship passed for modifications (SPACEFACTS, 2010). At the time already it was evident that the Soviet hierarchy creates a system without efficiency, expensive and complicated. The space program was seen wronged for the implementation of projects parallel, but disconnected, that they drained mounts of money precious. All the direction of objective or solidarity was lost and the Soviet space program lived only of the image.

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