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Stereotypes About Programmers

cat December 14th, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

I'm studying at the Faculty of ASOIiU. That is, without zaumstvovany for a software engineer. Computers began to get involved somewhere in the class of 7. I do not remember exactly. As he entered the Institute, the attraction has fallen, but no interest. In fact, raised this question because he remembered: at the end of the tenth grade in our school held a sort of elective courses in psychology.

As far as I remember there went 3 boys and 4 girls. Statistics big role essentially no role. So, on one of the such courses, it was necessary to write, who do you see yourself in the past, present and future. More precisely it was necessary to draw it. So, remember what I drew three computers. Small, mediocre and great. Explained easily – Word, user, the expert. Of course, the goals I had and still are a few others.

And the dream is weakly related to computers. It's not even that. The fact that at that moment, all three guys have painted the past, present and future (in one way or less) associated with the profession. All understandable, of course. All the guys think about the family, but especially important to them: the ability to provide for his family, do not let her in need of something. That is why both past and present, and future – one or other profession (except the last one guy). All of this was the background. Now we turn directly to that, what raised the issue.

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