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Living as well as For the window of the room it saw the life there is. The life that was of all, less of it, that it is jailed without the least to know why. It is isolated of everything. Of the friends, of the familiar ones, the parties that as much liked, them purchases, it soccer to Saturdays, beats papos to them in the elevator. Perhaps it was felt better thus, without having with who speech, absorbed in its thoughts. Few were the visits and almost none the phone calls.

They had understood that it wanted thus. They had given up. They thought it one esquizide, so different of that already it are. Glad, full of life, many friends, soon for everything. Who passed for its house, in the greater of would see it to the times to the window, the beard for making and with that distant look, looking at the nothing or the everything, who it knows Who knows what it would look at. Perhaps nor knew it. He knew who it said that I do not know what it can have happened, therefore although extrovert, it did not comment nothing of its life.

It disappeared suddenly He did not want to take care of plus nobody. Who did not know, imagined it a thousand things its respect. He would have been trado? It was broken up under some estresse emotional? Its ego would be damaged? Stranger Others said that Others imagined still it thus the time was passing and each one started to take care of of its life, being forgotten itself it youngster to the window. Springs, summers, autumns and winters had been transferred. It had floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and it continued there, in its impassibilidade. It left of being attraction, but it continued to be that one that if it arrested while still alive, in an arrest without gratings, in a total ostracism, living its life in a defensive exclusion. Defensive Of what!? of who? Things of the life. Heloisa/10-02-2011

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Marquesa Peter

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At the moment where I mounted animal vi that it did not like I much less. Jose Bonifacio cries out for Dom Peter and the horse already is uneasy. When the letter was delivers and to data shout to me that bookstore Brazil I judge of it of Vestibule, the horse if scared and gave one raised and left in enormous career Avenue above President Vargas. I pulled the rein and nothing of the horse to stop. My heart almost skirt for the mouth. The animal one was high and I feared to jump and to hurt myself all. The sidewalk of the avenue they were taken by people, that was contained for a rope and military policemen.

In front of the Bar of the Fat person a faithful subject of the emperor ran for the way of the avenue and opened the arms. That one literally son of a mare took a scare and stopped. I jumped from above of the arisco horse and was even so. I was not nor for the ceremony of washes feet. It comforts what me if inhabits in the fact of that my horse was well prettier of what the mare of D. Peter. Book 1822, of Laurentino Gomes, guarantees that the Emperor was riding a mare and not a horse. The small mouth ran at the time, this not this in no book, that when Jose Bonifacio cried out: D.

Peter D. Peter the paper. This would have spoken obliged, already I cleaned myself exactly with sabugo. If they do not make pertaining to school parade as old. Another thing, everybody knows that the Emperor was making the trip the Saints to visit the Domitila, the Marquesa de Santos, but it would use to advantage to deal with subjects of the kingdom. It has a friend mine that when he goes to the house of the loving one, when return speaks that it was in you endeavour.

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