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Villa Clara

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Once characterized the GTI, to know the current status of technological innovation and its management, the Organization will be able to assess their strengths and opportunities for improvement, employment that makes them and the reservations that still persist; proving a decisive element for the elaborate and adapt and reorient If necessary, your technology strategy. 2 Overall results obtained with the application of the methodology of the SIME Ministry is responsible for directing, implement and monitor policies for Cubans as regards steel, mechanical industries and recycling activities the Government and the State. Technology Investor contributes greatly to this topic. Since its foundation in the year 1974 this Ministry has had a vertical line of development, due to a plan investor well structured and directed, in essence, towards the production of automotive, railway equipment, agricultural, machinery steel, machine tools, medical equipment and furniture clinical, household appliances and household supplies supplies for the hospitality industry. In the specific case of the Villa Clara province, within the manufacturing industry, sidero-mechanics sector of particular importance, because it concentrates a large amount of labor in the region and possesses a high weight in the economic results, constituting a priority sector. Click incyte for additional related pages. This Ministry is represented in the territory by ten (10) companies and eleven (11) basic units of national firms located in the capital of the country.

The selection of companies studied was applied to a sampling non-probability or judgment, choosing ten (10) companies, because by its size, nature of its productions and commercial production volumes, they possessed the most important role in the economic performance of the sector. As a result of the study, in selected companies, some features and common problems could be identified.

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