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Virtual Machines

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Virtualizao the virtualizao process comes sufficiently growing in YOU, and one of the main reasons has relation with the costs, imagines, for example, a small company whom it is initiating in the branch of the commerce and for its in the area of YOU the creation of some servers as serving of email, archives, impression and etc. will be necessary, more the company disponibilizou most of its mount of money in the purchase of computers client for the users and now it has the necessity of the purchase of more you scheme, therefore some servers cannot be together for question of security guard and also for not harming the performance of the net. Observing this scene perhaps the best solution for this company would be the creation of virtualizados servers who in give the option to them to have some servers in an only machine. The Virtualizao in the reality consists of the simulation of environments, systems, nets and the hardware as, for example, the creation of virtual machines. VM? Virtual Machine is applicatory created to simulate the functioning of the hardware of a computer, with the VMs it is possible to make the installation of a system operation that twirls inside of another system, for example, to twirl a Linux system of the Windows inside. In the reality they are you vary the advantages for creation of you scheme virtual and another example that we can cite and the compatibility of programs. With the advance of the technology they always have in the market new operational systems and these new features finish bringing tools important to facilitate and to improve our work and as we are in an increasing market and competitive, who is not prepared for these changes is for brings, this finishes in forcing to innovate, we have a problem more there because some applicatory important ones that we use can not be compatible with our system and there one more time the serious solution the creation of one schemes virtual to inside twirl the system old of the new system, as for example, the XP inside of Windows 7. .

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