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Machine Frames

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When the bench method can use the steel or reinforced concrete forms the matrix, which is usually cheaper. Advantage of the concrete matrix is the ease with which its surface can be given a curved shape. Wood and wood-forms are used less frequently, with small production volumes. The disadvantage of the wooden forms is their low strength and large deformability, especially under the influence of steaming, resulting in items manufactured in the same form can differ from each other. Reinforcing products should be designed so that they can be manufactured in the form of plane frames and grids, welded to the multipoint automatic machines. Since multi-point welding machines weld mesh width of 3 m, it is advisable to several identical frames merge into one wide net, and then cut them.

Nets and cages should be designed so that the step and the diameter of the rods are constant multiples of the module and 100 mm with a variable step is necessary readjustment of the machine. If necessary, change the pitch or diameter of the rods in those areas that require additional reinforcement, it is recommended near the main attach additional frames or grids. Should use the ghosts-metal welded wire mesh. Shaping of curved elements to provide the necessary protective layer during the installation frames and use plastic nets or other fasteners. Sometimes it catches hold in the form of rebar hooks, pre- welded to the frame. Curved molding products can be done the same or similar mechanisms as molding plane products: can be applied screeds, sliding vibroshtampy, vibroprofilery, large vibroshtampy, vibrating tables.

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