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But often overlooked something very important, so-called "soft" technology. These have to do with the way it organizes the production process (the way tasks are distributed as defining the qualifications required by staff, as it is practiced and understood the authority, it collects and distributes information) and were of such significance that industrial success can not be separated from its implementation and improvement. Thus the productive performance of the company is determined by how you manage to combine both kinds of technologies. The importance of today's organized production technology has been revealed by numerous data, which clearly indicates that countries that show better economic performance are the most invested in technology development and products that increase their participation in international trade are those in the technology value outweighs Hence the importance of management to identify where technology management, technology management is the organizational activity by which it defines and implements the technology needed to achieve the objectives and business goals in terms of quality, effectiveness, value addition and competitiveness. You may wish to learn more. If so, mobile ad startup is the place to go. Technology Management Company is applying a set of practices that allow you to set a technology strategy consistent with its business plans. In the business environment technology management revealed in their plans, policies and technological strategies for the acquisition, use and creation of technology and innovation when it is assumed as the core of development strategies of business. It is also evident when the corporate culture has been "creating innovative thinking, focused on lifelong learning to underpin the growth of competitiveness in the long run" (Colciencias, 1998). .

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