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Central America

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It says a lot about changes, commitments of countries, especially those of the Latin American continent in pro transform their political systems social, economic giving step by programs that irradiquen hunger, revealed an economic fairness that favours all and avoid the hungers continue increasing the number of undernourished. However reality shows another result. Considered as, highlights Latin America is a highly heterogeneous region covering a vast area with very diverse geographical features. The total population of Latin America is of 525 million people. In the region diverse groups of people, there are even more than 200 indigenous groups as well as ethnic minorities of African descent.

Despite various features of climate, economic and historical background in the different countries of Latin America, there is a common link that characterizes the nature of poverty and hunger in the region. Latin America is distinguished by extreme inequalities existing within the society, based on a plot of characteristics such as gender, race/ethnicity, class and geographic location. Indigenous populations of Latin America tend to occupy the lowest levels of society and, therefore, are those who most probably have to confront the atrocities of these huge inequality the United Nations agriculture and food Organization (FAO), has pointed out recently that the population suffering malnutrition worldwide increased last year to 923 million people as a result of the rise in food prices. The numbers of the FAO say that 54 million people suffer from chronic malnutrition in Latin America, where the situation has worsened alarmingly in the last decade, especially in Central America and the Caribbean. In the last ten years, the number of people with hunger in Central America increased 5 to 6.4 million and in the Caribbean, from 7.3 to 8.8 million. According to Maximiliano Cow, a Chilean FAO expert, the situation in some countries of South America like Brazil and Peru has improved, with a 30% decrease in turnover.

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Meeting Perspective

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One of the objectives central offices related in the PCN it is its contribution in the constitution of the identities, in the formation politics and intellectual (citizenship) and in the humanistic formation of the educandos. How much to the subjects, these if base on studies organized for the thematic axles, that must have as base to answer to the challenges of a historical education that it intends to take care of to ace necessities of the new generation. In this direction, it was become incorporated the resumes education based on the interdisciplinaridade, transversalidade and contextualizao, from a generating subject, divided in thematic axles. In general lines, all the texts meet interrelated, one complement the other. technology investor may also support this cause. They are referenciais we riqussimos to reflect the fence not only of the curricular lines of direction, or the organization of the educational system of Brazil, but, over all to reflect on practical ours while educators, in special as professors of History for being formadores of responsible opinions and for the formation politics, and partner-cultural of our pupils. In summary, we need to desconstruir in our pupils the concept of History as a science of the past, and to take to construct them to it a concept of alive History, disciplines basic in its formation.

One becomes necessary to rescue or to sharpen the curiosity of the pupils for the importance of the study of the historical processes so that the same ones perceive that it is through the inquiry of the passed events, that we start to understand gift and to plan the future. Refrencias: FONSECA, S.G; IT HISSES, Landmarks. To teach History in century XXI: in search of the understood time.

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Space Mission

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Also due to lack of internal space nor they had had as to use space suits, what it increased the risks during the flight (SPACEFACTS, 2010). The mission, however, was divulged as having been completed with spectacular success (WHITE, 2003). As it is evident that it would have great problems in placing three men in that vehicle, the second Voskhod mission took only two cosmonauts. One of them, Aleksey Leonov, became the first human being to float in the space is of the ship. During 12 minutes it remained in the vacuum and when trying to return for the interior of the ship evidenced that the pressure in the interior of the suit was so great that Leonov badly obtained to move itself. As it did not obtain to come back toward the interior of the ship had to diminish the chamber pressure of the suit by means of a valve. In the return to the Land the ship presented problems in its system of orientation and finished total settling is of the target, in way to Urais mounts, at night.

The Voskhod with the cosmonauts on board was only located in the following morning. But these problems had been years are of the public knowledge, as state secrets. The problems faced for the crew of the Voskhod-2 had been considered so serious that the following missions of the series had been postponed by indeterminate time (later these missions definitively would be cancelled) until the ship passed for modifications (SPACEFACTS, 2010). At the time already it was evident that the Soviet hierarchy creates a system without efficiency, expensive and complicated. The space program was seen wronged for the implementation of projects parallel, but disconnected, that they drained mounts of money precious. All the direction of objective or solidarity was lost and the Soviet space program lived only of the image.

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National Program

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The method obeys the normasmetodolgicas and linguistics, to form educated and conscientious people. PauloFreire wise person who to form educated and conscientious people it demanded a outracompreenso of the process teach-learning of the educator-alfabetizador for oeducando-alfabetizando. In 1962, the governor of the Rio Grande of the Norteouvindo to speak of the new ideas of Freire, invites it and its team for aplicaro alfabetizao method just-servant in a region of the northeast hinterland. Apequena city of Angicos was chosen and around of first ‘ ‘ I circulate deCultura’ ‘ , they had lived with enthusiasm a so great experience and pioneer dealfabetizao of illiterate, young agricultural workers adult. Soon osprimeiros results of this intense work had been entertainers, and are clearly essafoi only the first stage of a system that would not accept the interfernciapartidria, but having an independence technique. The work in small cidadede Angicos was carried through of a very preliminary form, where in one it marries foiimprovisado classroom, lampies and gas, pencil, notebook and black picture, arriving to alfabetizar about more than 300 people in 45 days.

The presidenteJoo Goulart was to witness that work and was astonished with what viuno closing of the meeting. Of the small idea of Angicos eRecife the idea if spread for all Brazil, if it had in mind that was precisose to educate to live more good, being born of this form, a new pedagogia pedagogia of ensinouma centered in the full respect to the other, in it I dialogue and the participaoativa of all the educandos (BRANDO, 2005, P. 63). They had been born in these alternative perodovrias of what they had come to be the innovations of one another pedagogia. When the National Program deAlfabetizao was almost ready to be rank in march happened in the Brasilo military blow of 1964. Created for a Decree, but in the month of April domesmo year ‘ ‘ Programa’ ‘ he was extinct.

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Baixada Joaquin

cat June 17th, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

Gilbert Freyre prefaced an edition commenting how much the book was scandalous at the time, because Nabuco demonstrated pride made for it and lived in a period that was in fashion to be republican, while it confesses monarquista without modesty to deal with the relations of being able. In 1899, President Fields invited it to Sales to be the lawyer of Brazil in the question of the limits with English Guyana e, one year later was for London, being nominated minister. He was ambassador of Brazil in Washington in the year of 1905 and there same he faleceu, tired and deaf, of arteriosclerose, the 17 of January of 1910. After its death, the proper republicans had started to recognize the firmness of character and liberal ideology of Joaquin Nabuco, being been common to meet in all Brazil homage to this great politician, in names of streets, schools and popular entities. An example is of the City the Joaquin Nabuco in Pernambuco, where the local authorities to homage had given it its name, in 1953, to the locality that if formed with the district headquarters, Joaquin Nabuco, and for the towns of Plant Pumati, Arruado and Baixada of the Sand that, in 1892, belonged to the city of Palmares.

In days 19 and 20 of August, the Foundation Joaquin Nabuco (Fundaj) is carrying through the National Seminary Joaquin Nabuco and Our Formation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Clinton Family. The event is part of a series of activities that are being programmed, in 2010, in commemoration to the National Year Joaquin Nabuco. In accordance with the programming, the opening of the Seminary starts from Solemn Table of Opening with Fernando Lyra, president of the Fundaj, Thomas Shannon, ambassador of the United States in Brazil, and Eduardo Fields, governor of the State of Pernambuco. Bibliographical references: FIELDS, Eduardo, the Referring to abolitionism Press, Church, Slaves and Gentlemen: studies. $fortaleza: Secretariat of Culture and Sport/northeast Bank of Brazil, 1984. FREYRE, Gilbert, Great House & Senzala. Rio De Janeiro: Bookstore Jose Olympio, 2005. INSTITUTE PUBLISHING PROGRESS, Collected workses of Joaquin Nabuco XI, Campaigns of the Press 1884? 1887.

So Paulo: Instituto Progresso Editorial S.A, 1949. NABUCO, Joaquin, My Formation. Porto Alegre: Paraula, 1995. NABUCO, Joaquin, the Abolitionism. Rio De Janeiro: New Border, 2000. WWW. Culturadigital. Minc/northeast Communication – Northeast Regional Representation of the MinC, 2010.

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San Francisco

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In the year of 1897 the First Church was constructed, where today it is the Cathedral of the Good Jesus, and to it was transferred to the image of the Padroeiro, being the primitive church, monument of History and Faith there, under the sponsorship of N Sr of the Rosary. Forest was headquarters of the First Diocese of the Hinterland Northeastern, created in 1910 was composed in 18 parishes: Exu, Ouricuri, Petrolina, Granite, Leopoldina (current Parnamirim), Willow, Boa Vista, Cabrob, Belm of the San Francisco, Forest, Beautiful Village (current Cut Mountain range), Belmonte, Are Jose of Egypt, Triumph, Flowers, Drowned of the Ingazeira, Alagoa de Baixo (current Sertnia) and Tacaratu. 1 bispado sertanejo, was exerted by D. August Alvaro Da Silva (First in rank Cardinal of the Bahia) of 29 of November of 1911 the 8 of September of 1915. On the basis of the historical data of the research of Leandro Gominho, of Forest, were looked to count on the city of Forest describing its tourist points, relating each construction the times of the process of development of the city. The City of Forest is inserted in the microregion of the Hinterland of the San Francisco, in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil.

The city, in the right edge of the river Paje, is the 439 km of the capital. It had origin in a country property called Great Farm, having been created for Provincial Law n 153, of 31 of March of 1846. With the village, it was established politician-administrative autonomy of the city. Provincial Law n 248, of 16 of June of 1849, changed the headquarters of the city for Tacaratu. The autonomy was reestablished by Law n 579, of 30 of April of 1864. To the 20 of June of 1907 the village was raised to the category of city. Its economic support is tied with the farming one.

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Bittencourt Brazil

cat July 23rd, 2012 by Virtual Keeper

However, in the current days it disciplines, it is seen with a new to look at and character different, therefore it does not aim at the construction of an only Brazilian identity, but, visualizes all the elements compose that it forming with this the multifaceted character of our national identity, where the education of History of Brazil starts to privilege all its historical citizens, explicitando the disputes, contradictions, transformations, changes, permanncias, rooms and the cooptaes of its agents in the historical process. However, we need to say that, the education of disciplines of History of Brazil suffers continuously with the little space in the produced didactic materials for education from disciplines, yesterday as appendix of Sacred History and the Civilization, today inside of the projects of Integrated History, where Bittencourt (2004) informs in them on the following one: The History of Brazil, ahead of such position, is understood as it has broken substantive little and to only complement of a bigger capitalist world and its study aims at, over all to understand the paper that the country plays as emergent nation the ways that it has covered in this condition under the impact of the called neoliberalismo. (2004, p.187) We believe it disciplines that it of History of Brazil must be valued, not being nor appendix of Sacred History and the Civilization as it was in the past, nor so little its subjects must sparingly be developed inside of the programs Integrated History, today in the gift. In the current curricular proposals of it disciplines the new technologies appear as form of dinamizar such educative process, therefore a joint with the new technologies is necessary, in special with computer science school to start to identify it with the new pertaining generations ‘ ‘ culture of mdias’ ‘ , where we can affirms that: Computer science and the computers, according to some specialists of studies of languages, had more than revolutionized or are revolutionized what the television the forms of pertaining to school knowledge, for its capacity and power to establish more personal communications and interativas.

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