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No Service, Please!

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Should intelligent self-service customer frustration reduce Berlin/Bonn, June 6, 2008 no customer likes the odds that regularly befall one when calling a service number. The more call center there, the greater is the dislike. \”As a customer you will be operated as by the owner of the shop around the corner: you will be greeted with his name and the seller knows the shopping request in advance and recommend the right product\”, so trend letter editor Axel Gloger. From this insight consultants Bill Price and David Jaffe, feed their provocative thesis: the best service is no service. The customer should be satisfied with the purchase. Peter Thiel might disagree with that approach. He should supply did not raise again the company in contact with except for subsequent purchases. Amazon has long been implemented in practice. If you have read about Dr. Paul Craig Roberts already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Here, the number of contacts per customer order is already a key performance indicator. It is precisely investigated the reason for each contact and then made arrangements to make this unnecessary. So he could in the past five years to 90 percent reduce virtual bookseller its customer contacts. According to analyses of price and Jaffe, 80 percent of customer contacts are unproductive. \”Around 15 percent of the callers say: something does not work\”. Every fourth customer expresses: can you tell me how… \”.\” 40 percent to ask: where can I get…? Remedy could offer just a better self service according to Gloger. But as companies make many mistakes.

The automated economic, personnel, or CRM systems have generated an enormous number of frustrated users. \”Perfect self service is one left on top management and must consistently be prosecuted like at Amazon\”, calls language dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge, in an interview with the online magazine NeueNachricht. The requirements for the human-machine interface are accordingly high. The computer system must recognize it communicates with whom, and what was previously communicated.

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Banco Central

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Approximately twenty minutes, there, the door Banco Central de Cuba – opens. Rasmus C. accompanied the male and female person with prominent Latino appearance leaves the building. The target is still always dazed, his girlfriend”now wears a stuffed paper bag with him. At 57′ he arrived Cadillac she spends to only this bag in the vehicle. “Out of the car she takes a bottle of rum, these presses Rasmus C. in the hand and calls, although right next to him, with Spanish accent: Rasmus, will you drink something over on the bench and wait for us, we are soon back!”. Immediately decide the professional private investigators the firm Tudor in two groups on to share. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

Group I group follows the Cuban Cadillac, while II after disappearance of the American Strassenkreuzers to Rasmus C. care is. He takes a big gulp while rum is. The officers approach the target group II. “Mr.

Rasmus C., we have been sent by their woman the family is worried about it you understand!”. “Rasmus C. nods of the alcohol is still confused, I want to go home take off every day my money me!” the vulnerable explains babbling. Group I must give up the pursuit of the Cadillac due to a routine police check. To inform the authorities comes the Tudor detectives not to mind! They could misunderstand it, and where possible the clerk prematurely point of the country. It is important that Rasmus C. is in reasonable condition. After the official check, investigators group drive II. The security of the target person has priority! Fortunately, Rasmus C. brought his passport and credit cards. Needed his acquaintances’ money, daily 500 US $ to cash out. In Cuba a small fortune! Rasmus C. will be spent in the hotel of the detectives. After he had rested his rush, he was healed Cuba & Lolita of his great adventure. “Man, that have ripped me off,” who knows where it would have ended? “so Mr C. was back in Germany Rasmus C. ruefully to his wife, but also infinitely grateful that she had believed in him and keep so the nerves. We start afresh!”say the spouses today summary. Thank you for the professional use of the detectives of the company detective Tudor from Frankfurt. Author’s Note: name and place of residence of the parties have been changed for confidentiality reasons published with the kind permission of the principal. Detective Tudor Holder including Hoppe Rothschild Ahornallee 4, 60389 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone + 49 69 29 45 94 telefax + 49 69 4 69 24 88 E-Mail

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Insurance Computer

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It is not easy to find a skilled and imaginative photographer. The photographer Christian Siebold has an Office in Munich and Frankfurt am Main. From there, plans and he carries out high-quality photo productions for Studio shoots and on location photography in Germany and all over the world. The knowledge of the communications designer with academic background extends far beyond this a classic photographer of crafts, like for example a photographer master. It is expressed primarily in the field of Visual communication, or in the conception and the semantics of target-oriented design with traditional as innovative methods. A modern photographic equipment involving the use of a professional and portable lightning system, a camera system with high resolution and high end lenses in combination with modern software, fast computers and creative, plus technical knowledge allows time-saving and goal-oriented work with high-quality results. The workflow provides security in the design option of the immediate customer and photographer Evaluation of the resulting photos on the computer and the immediate archiving on internal and external storage media. In addition to the traditional digital photography Christian Siebold deals completely with the help of 3D also with computer generated imaging to produce photo montages of photos and renderings, programs. In the latter case, the images only on the computer are created. This process first creates wire frames, representing the desired object, or even entire scenes. Next, the models be placed with textures, or “Materials”, representing the surfaces. Finally, the virtual light is used and charged to an image. The Folto resulting in the camera, then, is digital integrated into the image generated by the computer, with perspective and light together must fit perfectly. The photographer used for this purpose generally known from cinema and TV, the blue / greenscreen techniques. Also fictitious images in high quality can be designed or motives with conventional technology only with great effort would be possible. The designer as a fashion photographer, people photographer, advertising photographer and portrait photographer has his work focus. Click incyte for additional related pages. Furthermore the work of the communications Designer includes services in the portion of picture editing, starting with basic Retouchings to the creation of the look. If necessary, the entire production planning is applied from the conception of the shootings on the booking of make-up artists and models to the realization and presentation, printing for magazines, booklets, Citylights and the perfection of the photos for digital media, as well as for the World Wide Web or the broadcasting television. The graphic designer presents on its Web site photos from its field of application as a photographer in Munich and as a photographer in Frankfurt. For national customers as well as to customers in foreign countries, the graphic designer is multinational working to make high-quality photo galleries as well as image recording. His clients include renowned publishers and companies such as R & V Insurance code Nast, SAT1, Intersport, etc.

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Stephan Hansen-Oest Is

cat May 28th, 2015 by Virtual Keeper

The Internet service provider, you can optimise it in matters of data protection in the future by the external experts, the innovative advice lawyer and lawyer for IT law Stephan Hansen-Oest and optimise it ( award of excellence Internet service provider with the seal can be in data protection issues in the future of the external experts, lawyer and lawyer for IT law Stephan Hansen-Oest, advise. The renowned hamburger company with core competence in online consultation via live chat, has especially high demands on the data protection of its major customers, who currently mainly come from the financial and telecommunications sectors. Optimise-it offers personal advice via live-chat, directly integrated on the Web sites of the principal to which visitors actively shopping and decision process to help. This particularly sensitive data protection requirements apply, as Stephan Hansen Oakley explained: privacy must be defined over and over again. The adaptation of the existing requirements for this service is an exciting topic. To optimise it Managing Director Johannes Schnitzler: privacy policy is for our customers of existential importance. With Mr. Hansen-Oest we brought with an expert on board, which helps us to place new topics in the market, without neglecting the legitimate requirements of the data protection!” The optimise-it GmbH will massively expand your business in 2010 and has developed already new customer groups and industries.

The customization of data security in the different areas and their needs is thus from the outset professionally implemented. The optimise-it GmbH was founded in 2002 by Johannes Schnitzler and Prof. Dr. Carolina C. Schnitzler. With his online dialogue system RealPerson the Hamburg Internet company offers the technical requirements for an online consultation as a software service (ASP) in real time. Leading German online providers such as O2 (, Alice ( and ( Bank CreditPlus already successfully use the online consultation.

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Need An Escort Is Not Necessarily Come

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Escort Munich: authentic, true and yet sensual and appealing Kimi, high class escort Munich expressed himself on the subject of whether an escort should be outed in necessarily means the true identity, reveal must, can feel as authentic, honest, to live, to move. Kimi does not believe that it really plays a role, whether to display the face always on all the photos or not. Ultimately there to present many possibilities, the face can be cut, without that you must disclose all its Authentiat as a result. As long as nothing is hidden, the shown in the reality matches the expectations, can match, no expectations were aroused, then not be held, is “Not view” of the face for Kimi, the only way to move a little in this business. Kimi thinks that it also makes a difference whether one of the escort lives, by the way it operates, is so not to rely on. To operate it at the same time, it is usually a Identity to protect who has nothing to do with the whole business of the escort. Protect yourself from attacks.

Somewhere was that if strong enough, the attacks would make out neither one. It is very one-sided, says Kimi, escort Munich. Often it is not only his life, his official life, but especially to protect this from other family members. Particularly this the children if the escort which has Lady and that is often the case. Not every woman wants to escort also achieved publicity, occur in the television, go to show, or Venus are invited simply because one is known enough in the area of pay sex.

The men, who are looking lady an escort Munich, want that quite confidently presented in the public, want to also protect their privacy, even a nice adventure experience not always a lady, be outed without equal by the well-known public Lady at her side. The “non-knowledge”, not that public face, is often for many men much more exciting, because still there is to discover, what still preien was omitted. There are many ways to live many variations, many preferences, many tastes. And offer much in this for everyone. Thus Kimi high class escort Munich, thinks that there no definitively correct, for all applicable rule is wrong or right, what is it already. Each escort fit looking out correct procedure for themselves personally, for to their lifestyle and they can only in set up in their personal lives. There are many ways. Let’s apply the best all. How nice that everyone / and each can choose the most suitable partner for your personal date itself and voluntarily, and all according to personal taste,. Kimi Kiss, escort service Munich greetings to escort service Munich

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IT Skills Shortage: Potentials And Resources Better Take Advantage

cat January 13th, 2015 by Virtual Keeper

According to BITKOM, 10,000 new jobs in the IT industry are to be built in 2011, at the same time but 16,500 points due to the lack of skilled workers could not be filled. Now an entire industry whines. Actress takes a slightly different approach. At TECOPS, an IT service provider with headquarters in Munich, is not wailed. (Source: Clinton Family). Here is traded. They are at an early stage on the shortage of workers hired and under the direction of Florentina Malaj, authorized representative of the company in September 2010 an own RekrutmentCenter designs and implements. From here the 11 envy exemptions helps selectively and flexibly Germany TECOPS in all the recruitment of IT staff. This is done hand in hand with the own applicant management, the employment agency and education / further education institutions and the cooperation with private labour brokers.

Special emphasis also on the online candidate market, the major job portals and job board on the Internet. “Our RekrutmentCenter means a great relief for our offices and is a success overall. Since the building could already around 20% of our New hires about the RekrutmentCenter be carried out. So TECOPS could further increase the compliance rate in the filling of IT projects,”so Malaj. The company has recently new offices in Erfurt and opens Mannheim, but so rapidly that now also the RekrutmentCenter in new premises has been moved. Poss art Street, the new, larger premises located in the immediate vicinity of the Central Administration. TECOPS is one of the first recruitment agency in Germany, offering also the placement of freelance IT specialists in addition to classic time working in the IT and business environment. With over 1,100 employees and 11 branches in the entire Federal territory, TECOPS in Germany is a leading provider of human resources services in the IT sector.

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Project Checkup Projects

cat September 23rd, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

Veda Nova Management Consulting provides with rapid interventions for achieving project objectives. Everyday life in many companies. A project running for several months and feel compressed increasingly by the project manager: there is something going in this project not around. Was it because the desired results remain out. Or because employees or areas oppose. Or because time and budgets are not respected. But unfortunately nobody knows exactly where the project is stuck and how it could be brought back up and running.

For such situations the project management consulting has developed Veda Nova, Wiesbaden, a so-called project check-up. His project management consultant by Veda Nova in a one – or two-day workshop analyze the current situation in a project together with the responsible staff in the company. Determined to be here among other things: to what extent were the defined milestones in the project achieved and complied with the time and budget requirements? What are the causes of target deviations and how can it eliminates be? Based on the results of the analysis a plan is created according to the Veda Nova Managing Director Jurgen Rohr, how the project can be brought back to running and despite all the odds, the goals of the project can be achieved”. In this context, the ten success-promising interventions for a rapid improvement are also always”formulates and defines the responsibilities for its implementation. The goal here: After the check-up, a noticeable Jolt through the project should go and quickly become visible successes, so that (project) staff again believe in the project and love to engage in this.

After the project check-up, the company also receives a detailed report by Veda Nova. The (current) strengths and weaknesses, and risks of the project are listed in it. It also describes what to do it is true, so that the project is successfully completed. For more information about the project check-up was interested in company. You can also contact Jurgen Rohr (Tel.: 0611 / 97 774 403;).

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Project Management

cat September 3rd, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

COPARGO conveys from immediate knowledge about all changes of the new version of the project management method of Dreieich, 04.08.2009. Now find accredited training organisation COPARGO GmbH, Dreieich, training on the basis of the new version PRNCE2: 2009 instead. The best-practice method for project management \”projects in controlled environments\” (PRINCE2) their most extensive revision since its release in 1996 underwent. The new version simplifies the method and reduces their size. The APM Group responsible for the change in has thus responded to the requirements and developments in the modern project management. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Expa. The user friendliness of PRINCE2 was significantly improved, at the same time the most important contents are preserved. Thus, the objective of modernizing the method and parallel-to-bureaucracy, has been achieved.

The content of the training in COPARGO were already adapted to the new version. All future exams and certificates of base supply Foundation and the advanced course practitioner can already based on by PRINCE2: 2009 filed and issued. The new PRINCE2 Manual is slim and includes only 60 percent of the pages of his predecessor. Also the number of processes has been reduced from eight to seven. Inconsistencies and unnecessary detail of sub processes have been cleaned up. The new version uses only 26 instead of the 36 management products.

To do this, also a completely new chapter was recorded. It is busy, how PRINCE2 can be adapted to different project environments. As PRINCE2 is even more flexible. The new manual was published in English, the German translation will appear in the autumn of this year. COPARGO project managers, who have already qualified according to PRINCE2, includes the possibility of a one-day upgrade training to bring themselves up to date. The already acquired Foundation certificates remain still fully valid. For the practitioner certificate, a re-registration to the current version in the renewal will be charged at least every five years.

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Software Development Compliance

cat April 27th, 2014 by Virtual Keeper

Open source compliance is feasible! The partnership of the Karlsruhe technology consulting with Black Duck opens up the customer the maximum power of open source. The combination of a unique collection of data with intelligent software of the market leader of Black Duck is the optimal basis to ensure enterprise-wide compliance and governance in the software development process. Without the support of tools and processes, the search for the right code components is difficult and it is almost impossible to keep track the license diversity and to make the right choice. This complicates the question of not only after the Endlizensierung, but also legal risks. At this point, the black uses duck software suite. Based on the Black Duck KnowledgeBase, the world’s most comprehensive database in terms of open-source components and exploit lizenzrechtlicher. This enables the automatic search and analysis of code snippet -, file – and component-level.

While it draws from a pool of over 800,000 individual projects from more than 5,500 Source pages and 2,200 licenses. The KnowledgeBase is continuously updated and learn”with each new project to keep up-to-date them constantly. This helps the integrated Black Duck code Sight, which assists developers in finding the appropriate components. The open-source management assessment (OSMA) it tracks licensing vulnerabilities within existing projects and helps optimally FOSS instead to take legal or security risks so that a continuous software development compliance is guaranteed. With the Karlsruhe technology consulting, Black Duck now has a powerful partner in Germany.

As consultancy with our own software development, the Karlsruhe technology consulting has the necessary understanding of the development and licensing knowledge related to provide customers with honest value. Realize your open-source compliance with the Karlsruhe technology consulting and Black Duck. About Black Duck Black Duck Software is a provider of high-performance software solutions for the management of open source and third-party source code within the framework of the corresponding license obligations. With black duck, you can shorten your time-to-solution, reduce your development costs, and at the same time the challenges of management, compliance and security of free and open-source-based software. the Karlsruhe technology consulting is the management and technology consulting specializing in the analysis and optimisation of business processes and their integration into the IT infrastructure. The KTC helps organisations to improve their performance and to realize important competitive advantages. From consulting and conception through to implementation, we offer you everything from a single source and accompany as a reliable partner on your individual way.

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