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Samaritano Hidding

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Question 4: Most of the children already has more or less defined the interests for the future or still reveal drifters? Graph 4: It was observed that 67% of the children and adolescents already have defined its professional choices, while 33% still meet drifters in this subject. Question 5: When the adolescents comment on that they want to be when to grow, what they consider in the job? Graph 5: We observe that the criteria most important for the children and adolescents in the choice of the profession are careers that more are valued and that they help the people, being that 50% had chosen this reply. 25% of the adolescents had answered that an important characteristic in the profession is that this is valued personally. The remain, 25% answered that the decisive factor in the choice of profession is that this brings more financial return. FINAL CONSIDERAES We year as pupils of psychology reach our expectations waited for the period of training in the institution Samaritano Hidding place, under the supervision and the aid of the Dra teacher. Ana Paula and with the professionals of the institution.

In this period of training we conclude our research standing out that the majority of the young already has defined its professional choices, was also observed that most of the children and adolescents agrees that the study is an important and decisive factor in the choice of the profession, while others consider important to like the profession that will go to exert. This period of training in them made possible the comment of the behaviors and choices of the children and adolescents, being able to assimilate the studied theories. Concluding, the project was a very important experience for we, therefore we had the chance to better know the rules, the routines and practical of the Institution the Samaritano Hidding place. Also it was possible to consider and to develop interactive activities, dynamic in groups and works, in which we could observe as they are the criteria of the children and adolescents as for the professional choices. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES 1. Saints OB. Psychology applied to the orientation and professional election. 8.

ed. So Paulo: Pioneering bookstore Woman editor, 1980. CAP. 1. 2. Saints OB. Orientation and development of the human potential. So Paulo: Pioneering bookstore Woman editor, 1978. CAP. 6. 3. Weil P. Its life, its future: choice between 600 professions. 13. ed. Petrpolis: Voices, 1991. 4. Bujold, C, Noiseux, G. vocational Development and personal growth. 4. ed. Petrpolis: Voices, 1985. 5. Jung CF. Scientific and technological methodology. Available in. Access in 05 sea. 2011. 6. EL, Menezes hisses IN. Methodology of the Research and Elaboration of Dissertao. Available in. Access in 05 sea. 2011. 7. Rodrigues WC. Scientific methodology. Available in. Access in 05 sea. 2011.

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There Planche

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Basic characteristics of the projective techniques the definition proposal per Planche-Pontalis in 1974. This launches more light, on the characteristics of the projectivas techniques, therefore, the citizen perceives the way environment and answers the same in function of its proper interests, lasting attitudes, habits, afectivos states, hopes and desires. It hisses, 1989, it says that the individual structure or it interprets its reality in accordance with its characteristics. It has a dynamic interaction enters objectops of the external world and the internal world of the person, creating itself one third reality. Types of projectivas techniques thematic projectivos Tests, whose model is still the TAT, that discloses the contents significant of a personality, nature of the conflicts, desires, relations with the environment, mechanisms of defense, moment key of the history of the life. Another thematic example of tests projectivo is the CAT.

Structural projectivos tests, have the Rorscharch as archetype. They reach over all, one representative cut of the system of the personality, being balance, its way to learn the world. Pag 7. Relevancy of the projectivas techniques According to Montagna 1989, a projectivo test, is as a ray x, crosses the interior of personality, fixes the image of its private nucleus on one to disclose, allowing later its easy reading by means of the application or projeco magnifier of a screen what it is hidden is thus eliminated, the latent one, becomes manifest, the interior is brought the surface, what it is in us of steady also is become entangled and also it unmasks. P. 6. Rapport 1971, in all projectivo method, subjaz the hypothesis of that all activity of data individual leads in its seio, its individuality. Second, Hiss 1989, the projectivas Techniques in Psychology give to origin some instruments of the personality? its domain, serves of great assists not only for this instruments of nature thematic, as well as for that they use inquiry and still for other resources of that if they make use the psychologist, such as: playful comment, the interview, the interpretation of the dreams, the proper speech in therapy situation.

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In accordance with the APA (1994) does not have still one confirmaosobre the etiology of the upheaval, being able this to be atrelada diverse fatorescomo, for> example, the hereditary succession. For Baptista, Days and You are silent (2001), the TOC can estarassociado with Bigger Depressive Upheaval, other Alimentary Upheavals of Anxiety, Upheavals and Upheaval of the Obsessive-Compulsory Personality. OTranstorno unrelated Obsessive-Compulsory the upheavals of personalidade a very small sub-group, and that the personality upheavals coexist namaioria of the clinical cases. According to Rosary-Fields (1999), the TOC is an upheaval crnicoque acomete about 2% of the population in general, revealing-seindependentemente of sex, race, escolaridade, civil, nvelsocioeconmico state, religion or nationality. In accordance with the APA (1994), generally is initiated in the adolescence, or start of the adult age, to podendoaparecer, also, in infancy, having the modal age of beginning for homensentre the 6 and 15 years, and between 20 and 29 years for the Zamignani women (2001) it characterizes the TOC, as an upheaval deansiedade, and knowing that the anxiety is not auto-definitive, and that they exist, therefore, factors a project of the dePsiquiatria Department UNIFESP, the carrying person of TOC try to ignore or to eliminate ossintomas through actions that are intentional and repetitive. Geralmentereconhece that its behavior is extreme or that it does not have much reason to parafazer it.

The obsessions or compulsions cause great estresse, consume time (more than one hour per day) or intervene sufficiently with the rotinanormal, the work or the social activities and interpersonal relationships. Compulsion According to DSM IV TR (2003pg. the 443) repetitive socomportamentos compulsions or mental acts whose objective is to prevent or reduces anxiety or suffering, instead of offering to pleasure or gratuity. These soseguidas of> temporary relief of the anxiety or generated discomfort obsessive pelopensamento, exactly being recognized as extreme and irracionaispelo individual. In accordance with Sims (2001), the behavior compulsivofreqentemente provokes an additional anxiety in the person, for necessidadetanto to execute the action how much to preserve its social acceptance.

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Freud Inquiry

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The psicanaltica theory of the psicopatologia is a theory of ' ' porqus' '. For Freud chistes, the temporary amnesias, the acts defective were extremely significant in the unconscious psychic constitution of the individual. In another way, the psychoanalysis also fought in the direction to reach the proper scientific severity of sciences positivista of the time, being considered the psychic phenomena under the light of natural sciences. To put the object of study of the psychoanalysis is of the order of the subjectivity and Freud as it detaches Fenichel (1981) the same placed this object in level of other objects of inquiry: ' ' Freud the same investigated the mental world with scientific spirit with that its masters had investigated the physical world, what he implied the same revolt against the taught rules until then. The subject is that it is irrational and not it method of psicanlise' '. (FENICHEL, 1981, p.2) Definition Technique of Psicopatologia Psicanaltica to understand the concept of psicanaltica psicopatologia, is necessary before, to understand each one of the separate areas, even so they is interdisciplinares. The dictionary Doron technician brings definition of psicopatologia, the following form:: …

As branch of psychology, the psicopatologia is based on the knowledge of the normal functioning to unfasten, to describe and to analyze these pathological behaviors. The referring theoreticians and the metodolgico context used to explain these abnormal behaviors are, therefore, varied, as they are the boardings that preside over the description of the normal functioning (DORON, 2001, P. 634) and on the psychoanalysis, says that: ' ' S. Freud of, regarding the psychoanalysis, a definition that, in the reality is trpice: specific procedure of inquiry of the formations of unconscious thought (latent content); therapeutical method of the riots neurotics; new disciplines of the field of psicologia' '. As inquiry procedure the psychoanalysis if characterizes for the methods of free associations …

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